Nova Scotia Class 5 Driving Test Sign Part 1

Nova Scotia Class 5 Driving Test Sign
Part 1

A Class 5 license in Nova Scotia, Canada, is a type of driver’s license that allows the holder to operate a passenger vehicle, such as a car, under normal road conditions. To obtain a Class 5 license in Nova Scotia, an individual must pass a written knowledge test, a vision test, and a practical driving test. They must also fulfill other requirements, such as minimum age, residency, and liability insurance. Additionally, holders of a Class 5 license in Nova Scotia may be subject to certain restrictions and conditions, such as a curfew, a limit on the number of passengers they can carry, and a ban on using handheld electronic devices while driving.

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Which of the following is required to upgrade from a Class 5 to a Class 4 licence?

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What is the best solution for preventing driver fatigue?

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When inspecting the power steering pump and hose during a pre-trip inspection, you should check for the following:

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Which of the following is a driver with a Class 1 licence not able to operate?

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When coupling a truck-tractor to a semi-trailer:

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To lower the risk of fire, you should:

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Which of the following situations could be unsafe when unloading a Class 3 vehicle into a hopper?

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An oxidizing substance is defined as:

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As a school bus driver, you should never:

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What is lag time?

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What should you do when you approach a crossing in a large commercial vehicle and you notice that there is a STOP sign facing you on the opposite side of the tracks?

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If reversing a school bus and you lose sight of the guide, what should you do?

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When going through urban areas, all drivers must:


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If three identical vehicles travel at the same speeds, but one is on a level surface, one is going uphill, and one is going downhill, which will have the shortest stopping distance?


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Which of the following statements about the federal Hours of service regulations is true?

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How many hazard classes of dangerous goods are there?

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Which of the following statements about operating passenger vehicles is correct?

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What lights would not be found at the rear of the vehicle of a bus?

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Who from the choices below is exempt from wearing a seat belt where the assemblies are provided?

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What is considered a safe distance from the bus to bring your passengers if you notice a fire while on route?

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Which of the following is not a class of dangerous goods?


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Qualifying for an air brake endorsement is mandatory to obtain what type of licence?

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Under which of the following circumstances would a driver not be permitted to drive under federal Hours of Service regulations?

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What is the maximum permissible length for a straight truck?


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How should you test the service brakes of a truck tractor?

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Which of the following is not one of the 'distractions' that a commercial vehicle driver would be fined for under the Distracted Driving Law of the Traffic Safety Act?

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When squeezing the fire extinguisher, what motion should you follow?

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What is the symbol for a non-flammable, non-toxic compressed gas?

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Under what conditions would a private passenger vehicle not be considered ‘for hire' under the Operator Licensing and Vehicle Control Regulation?

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What is the most accurate definition of traction?


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