Nunavut Driving Handbooks

This Manual is for Nunavut residents who wish to apply for a driver’s licence that will allow them to drive only in Nunavut. If you are this type of applicant, then your driver’s licence will have a special statement on it called “B” or a “G” endorsement. This means you will be allowed to drive in Nunavut only, or, drive only 100 kilometres from your home community.

A driver’s handbook is a resource provided by government authorities to educate drivers on the rules of the road and their responsibilities. It usually covers the following topics:

  1. Traffic Laws: The handbook explains the various traffic laws and regulations that drivers are expected to follow. This includes rules regarding speed limits, traffic signs, and signals.

  2. Road Signs and Signals: It provides information about the meaning of road signs, traffic signals, and pavement markings. This helps drivers understand how to navigate the road safely.

  3. Right of Way: The handbook often explains the rules regarding right of way, which dictates who should yield in various situations.

  4. Safe Driving Practices: It provides guidance on safe driving practices, including maintaining a safe following distance, avoiding distracted driving, and dealing with adverse weather conditions.

  5. Parking and Stopping: Information about parking regulations, such as where and when parking is allowed or prohibited, is included.

  6. Vehicle Maintenance: Some handbooks also cover basic vehicle maintenance tips and safety checks to ensure that your vehicle is in good working condition.

  7. Licensing and Registration: The process for obtaining a driver’s license and vehicle registration is typically outlined in the handbook.

  8. Special Situations: The handbook may address specific situations, such as driving in adverse weather conditions, driving near schools, or sharing the road with pedestrians and cyclists.

  9. Penalties and Consequences: It may explain the consequences of violating traffic laws, including fines, license suspensions, and other penalties.

  10. Test Preparation: Driver’s handbooks often serve as a study guide for individuals preparing for their driver’s license exams. They may include sample test questions and answers.

To access the Nunavut Driver’s Handbook online or obtain a physical copy, you can typically visit the website of the relevant government authority responsible for driver licensing and road safety in Nunavut. If you have specific questions or need information from the handbook, you should consult the official Nunavut government website or contact the appropriate government agency for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

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