Alberta Class 7 Driving Test Parts 2

Alberta Class 6 Driving Test
Parts 2

A Class 7 Licence in Alberta is the first stage of the graduated licensing system for new drivers. With a Class 7 Licence, you are allowed to drive under supervision and with certain restrictions, such as a zero blood alcohol content limit and a ban on using hand-held electronic devices while driving. To obtain a Class 7 Licence, you must pass the knowledge test, as well as complete a minimum of 12 months of supervised driving and pass a road test. Upon successful completion of these requirements, you can then apply for a Class 5 Graduated Driver’s Licence, which allows you to drive without supervision.

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You must indicate when?

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The key to emergency braking is to?

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On a highway, what should you do when you want to take the next exit?

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The minimum safe following distance in traffic is ?

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You should leave more room between your car and a motorcycle while you are following because ?

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Most skids are the result of driver error. A skid can occur when you:

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When driving in heavy fog, you should use?

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Directions given by a police officer overrule?

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A Class 5 Operator's licence holder may not operate?

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Is it legal for a driver to back a vehicle into an intersection or a crosswalk in a city?

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At an uncontrolled intersection (without traffic signs or traffic lights), you should ?

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Wearing a seat belt in a collision will?

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A yield sign indicates that ?

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If your vehicle is having mechanical problems that require you to stop you should ?

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Every motorist is required to maintain third party liability insurance with a minimum of?

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When two vehicles approach a four-way stop sign intersection at right angles to each other and at the same time:

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You must not follow any emergency vehicle that has its siren or lights activated within what distance?

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Solid white lines indicate that ?

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Walk around your vehicle before getting in to check for ?

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Your vehicle may skid as a result of hydroplaning. What is the cause of hydroplaning?

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