Alberta Class 7 Driving Test Parts 4

Alberta Class 1 Driving Test
Parts 4

A Class 7 Licence in Alberta is the first stage of the graduated licensing system for new drivers. With a Class 7 Licence, you are allowed to drive under supervision and with certain restrictions, such as a zero blood alcohol content limit and a ban on using hand-held electronic devices while driving. To obtain a Class 7 Licence, you must pass the knowledge test, as well as complete a minimum of 12 months of supervised driving and pass a road test. Upon successful completion of these requirements, you can then apply for a Class 5 Graduated Driver’s Licence, which allows you to drive without supervision.

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What is claimed to be in your vehicle if you can't see it in your side and rearview mirrors?

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If feeling tired while driving you should?

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When approaching the end of the passing lane, drivers in the right hand lane must?

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Vehicles facing a green light that is flashing?

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Large trucks require?

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If you are about to exit the highway and you miss your exit, you should?

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Is it permissible to turn right on a red light?

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Speed limits indicate?

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If you don't give way to a pedestrian in a crosswalk, how many demerit points will be added to your licence?

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In a traffic circle?

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What lane should slow-moving vehicles take on multilane highways?

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What does a red "X" over a driving lane indicate?

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How many demerit points will you receive for failing to stop for a school bus on your licence?

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If your headlights fail?

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A Class 7 learner is not permitted to drive a car between the hours of?

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What does a white lane "X" mean?

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What do broken yellow lines indicate?

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What Should you do if your headlights stop working?

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Anyone convicted of operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol level over.08 for the first time will not be allowed to drive, and their licence will be suspended for how long?

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To recover from a skid you should?

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Who is in charge of making sure that all passengers under the age of 16 are properly restrained inside a vehicle?

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For a period of how long are tourists or foreign visitors allowed to use their driver's licences?

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Fatigue while driving can be fatal. What can cause fatigue?

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What is the fastest speed permitted when approaching a playground zone during control hours, unless otherwise posted?

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Unless otherwise specified, you must? enter the main street from a road, alley, driveway, or parking lot.

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When you enter a right-hand curve, you should?

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Even for a first offence, the minimum licence suspension in the event of a death or injury caused by drunk driving will be ?

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Vehicles driving toward a constant amber light must?

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Your test vehicle must be in reasonable operating condition and have?

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What does a white diamond in a lane mean?

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Drivers in the right lane must do? when the end of the passing lane is in view.

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What factors affect how long it takes to stop?

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When do school zones end?

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You must inform Alberta Registries of a name and/or address change in accordance with the law, right?

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In which of the following situations are U-turns not permitted in urban areas?

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