Alberta Class 7 Driving Test Parts 3

Alberta Class 6 Driving Test
Parts 3

A Class 7 Licence in Alberta is the first stage of the graduated licensing system for new drivers. With a Class 7 Licence, you are allowed to drive under supervision and with certain restrictions, such as a zero blood alcohol content limit and a ban on using hand-held electronic devices while driving. To obtain a Class 7 Licence, you must pass the knowledge test, as well as complete a minimum of 12 months of supervised driving and pass a road test. Upon successful completion of these requirements, you can then apply for a Class 5 Graduated Driver’s Licence, which allows you to drive without supervision.

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What Should you do if your headlights stop working?

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To obtain a class 7 learner's permit, you must?

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A yield sign indicates that ?

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A 'Bus' is defined as a motor vehicle that has a seating capacity of more than?

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Do not park your car?

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You must report all collisions to the police if the total property damage exceeds?

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What exactly is a "space cushion"?

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Transport Canada recommends that if your vehicle has an airbag system, you position yourself at least?

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Be watchful of large vehicles backing up because?

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Wearing a seat belt in a collision will?

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When a pedestrian indicates a desire to cross the street?

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Day or night, glare can make you blind. Should you stop if glare makes it difficult to see the road?

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Threshold braking refers to?

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A 'Bus' is defined as a motor vehicle that has a seating capacity of more than?

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What is the legal maximum distance between the wheels of a parked vehicle and the curb?

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When getting ready to turn right, you should shoulder check to?

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Slippery conditions affect winter traction; how should drivers drive in the winter?

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Every motorist involved in an accident?

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A braking skid happens?

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What is the most effective way to ensure that no vehicles or cyclists are in your blind spot?

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