Manitoba Learners Driving Test Part 1

Manitoba Learner Driving Test
Part 1

A Manitoba Learner’s License is a type of driver’s license issued by the government of Manitoba, Canada, to individuals who are learning to drive. It allows the holder to practice driving on public roads under certain conditions and restrictions, such as being accompanied by a licensed driver and having a “L” sign displayed on the vehicle. To obtain a Manitoba Learner’s License, an individual must pass a knowledge test and a vision test. They must also fulfill other requirements, such as minimum age, residency, and liability insurance.

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At an uncontrolled intersection (without traffic signs or traffic lights), you should ?

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Is there is a seat belt law in Ontario?

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If your vehicle is having mechanical problems that require you to stop you should ?

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Solid white lines indicate that ?

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You must not follow any emergency vehicle that has its siren or lights activated within what distance?

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The key to emergency braking is to?

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Walk around your vehicle before getting in to check for ?

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Every motorist is required to maintain third party liability insurance with a minimum of?

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You should leave more room between your car and a motorcycle while you are following because ?

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Is it legal for a driver to back a vehicle into an intersection or a crosswalk in a city?

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You must indicate when?

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Your vehicle may skid as a result of hydroplaning. What is the cause of hydroplaning?

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The minimum safe following distance in traffic is ?

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Most skids are the result of driver error. A skid can occur when you:

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When two vehicles approach a four-way stop sign intersection at right angles to each other and at the same time:

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A yield sign indicates that ?

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Directions given by a police officer overrule?

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On a highway, what should you do when you want to take the next exit?

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Wearing a seat belt in a collision will?

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When driving in heavy fog, you should use?

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