Manitoba Learners Driving Test Parts 2

Manitoba Learner Driving Test
Part 2

A Manitoba Learner’s License is a type of driver’s license issued by the government of Manitoba, Canada, to individuals who are learning to drive. It allows the holder to practice driving on public roads under certain conditions and restrictions, such as being accompanied by a licensed driver and having a “L” sign displayed on the vehicle. To obtain a Manitoba Learner’s License, an individual must pass a knowledge test and a vision test. They must also fulfill other requirements, such as minimum age, residency, and liability insurance.

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Day or night, glare can make you blind. Should you stop if glare makes it difficult to see the road?

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A yield sign indicates that ?

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When a pedestrian indicates a desire to cross the street?

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Do not park your car?

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You must report all collisions to the police if the total property damage exceeds?

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When getting ready to turn right, you should shoulder check to?

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A 'Bus' is defined as a motor vehicle that has a seating capacity of more than?

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Every motorist involved in an accident?

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To obtain a g1 learner's permit, you must?

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Threshold braking refers to?

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A braking skid happens?

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Transport Canada recommends that if your vehicle has an airbag system, you position yourself at least?

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Wearing a seat belt in a collision will?

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What is the most effective way to ensure that no vehicles or cyclists are in your blind spot?

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What exactly is a "space cushion"?

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Be watchful of large vehicles backing up because?

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A 'Bus' is defined as a motor vehicle that has a seating capacity of more than?

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Slippery conditions affect winter traction; how should drivers drive in the winter?

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What Should you do if your headlights stop working?

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What is the legal maximum distance between the wheels of a parked vehicle and the curb?

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